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Other Resources:

Wills and Estates: A Beginner’s Guide – Presentation, June 10, 2009 [PDF of PowerPoint presentation].

The Courts and Section 132 of the Condominium Act: A short summary of the current caselaw [PDF of PowerPoint presentation].

Legal Basics for You and Your Business: A short talk on basic legal issues for entrepreneurs [PDF of PowerPoint presentation].

In one real estate suit , Olszewski v. Trapman, a judge could not improve on Mr. Sanders’ summary of the law and just inserted the relevant paragraphs verbatim into his judgment

London Homeless Coalition Submissions and Recommendations to the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development. January 23, 2007 [PDF]

London Homeless Coalition Policy Paper on the Cost of Homelessness, February, 2007
Note: This paper was approved by the Coalition but not yet been formally released by the Coalition. It will be updated with 2007-2008 research and the revised version will be released in early 2008.  That revised version will then be posted to this site. [PDF]

“A World With No Secrets”. [PDF]
Critical Issues In Science, Technology & Ethics : Six Student Perspectives.   Jones, Stephen A. (ed.) Waterloo, Ont. : University of Waterloo Press, 1985.

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